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June 2, 2013

Burlesque like it’s 2003

For thirty six years I stayed off the pole, but yesterday in honor of a friends birthday I joined her in a burlesque class.  I had no idea what to wear (turns out I should have gone with Some cute shorts, a cute bra, and a long men’s shirt.  Instead I wore leggings and a camisole.  I was not undressing any further.  I did manage to bring my heels.

Must say, while I imagined some boas and a little “Big Spender” it was a real workout.  It was hot and I don’t mean sexy up in there. Before the class was over I had pole burn and a bruise on my leg from the one simple pole move we were taught.

Verdict, I am not likely to be on the pole again any time soon.  I’ve been wary of the burlesque and pole dance fitness movement (which is really probably long over at this point) but it was a legitimate workout.  I may have even had a little fun.